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Technologia przyjazna dla środowiska
testmer - producent maszyn
  • granulation of carbon - TESTMER granulators prove correct in atypical applications, for example granulation of carbon and carbon powder. Carbon is very hard material for granulation process. Additional difficulty is presence of carbon dust in air. TESTMER granulators are fit up with engines enforced with antiblasting system and additional seal up. TESTMET developed this engines to work in heavy enviromental conditions. That provides high performance of production process and serviceless work for many years.


  • granulation of fermentation plant wastes - drained and dry wastes are additional component of animal fodder. Storage of wastes is very difficult and granulation is one of way to make it easier. To granulate properly TESTMER use assembly of vertical cooler and granulator. That assembly guarantee high performance and serviceless work for many years.


  • granulation of barley-germs and maltal dust (brawery) - Malting plants have many problems with storageand sale the barley-germs and maltal dust. Granulation extends time of storage. TESTMER granulators fulfill high demends of mixture's quality. Automatic portion system guarantee the quality, makes process unfailing and exact for many years.


  • technology line to crush and granulate hop - hop is plant that has to be properly storage to hold its properities. The best way to achive this condition is to crush and granulate. To reach this condition TESTMER use granulator co-operating with horizontal cooler. That cooperation may last for many years of serviceless work on high performance level.
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